Travel Tips

My main travel tip is to just go. Turn up to the airport with your passport and get on a plane. To anywhere.

For anyone who needs a little more planning here are some suggestions:


Any of the flight websites are good places to start:, Expedia, Webjet. If you’re looking for ideas, and want a bit of spontaneity, try Skyscanner. I particularly like the ‘everywhere’ choice.


I’ve used all the sites for accommodation. There are pros and cons with Airbnbs vs hotels or apartments. It all depends on how long you’ll be there and what kind of experience you want. There are some real benefits to having your own kitchen, but as a solo traveller sometimes it is good to be forced to go out.

Solo dining

If you read this blog you know I go out by myself all the time. I admit I do enjoy it. But I really do understand the fear that many people have of eating alone or going to a show solo.

The thing is, if you can conquer the fear, you will be rewarded. The ratio of times when I meet people to chat with or not is roughly 9 to 1. Seriously.

The way to prepare for it is to always have a book to read on your phone. Preferably one you are really interested in. That way no matter what happens your lunch or dinner will be enjoyable.


I love transport. Planes, trains, cars, boats, even Greyhound buses. Travelling truly is all about the journey. And sometimes the journey is the travel. Here are some suggestions:

Trains: Amtrak in the USA, any trains in Europe, the Indian Pacific and the Ghan in Australia.

Cruises: Norwegian Cruises (NCL) and Royal Carribean are mid priced, comfortable and safe. NCL has the best range of solo cabins of all the cruise lines.

Road trips: Hire a car or even share one. Turo is fun.

And for when you can’t decide what to do, spin the wheel.