Not normal, in a good way

Tina 2

You know I love a road trip. But my latest one was next level. I went on the road with Uncle BAAHB and Auntie Sherry. When I told people I was catching a Greyhound bus from Nashville to Cincinnati they looked at me like I was batshit crazy. And when […]

Husband – comma – 6


Last night I met an Existentialist in a bar. Really. What are the chances? Could this be Husband, 6? Spoiler alert – it’s a ‘no’ from me. But I have made a new List. Now I’m just asking for a friend of course. What is an existentialist? Well, duh, it […]


Tina 3

In case you’ve never seen the first two movies starring Bruce Willis and John Malkovich, RED stands for Retired. Extremely Dangerous. I’ve just survived RED 3. You remember my friends Sherry and Bob from the FOT part 1. They live outside DC. I met Sherry at the writers’ course 13 […]

Honking horns and the smell of garbage

Tina 1

New York City truly does make all your senses come alive. When you first set foot on the pavement, you start dodging the bags of rubbish, or trash as they call it here. Then you breathe in. Oh the smell of New York. Meanwhile, as you stride through the vibrant […]

You know it’s a sign


You know it’s a sign when you’re in the airport queue and you see someone you really, really like but haven’t seen for 20 years. Nearly 30 years ago I had the best job ever. I was part of the team that set up Police TV, an internal television network […]

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