The art of PIE


It’s amazing how close humans are to a riot at all times. It only takes one PIE (Pusher-In-Erer) to cause an orderly group of airport queuers to lose their shit. The hardest part of the whole overseas trip was, you guessed it, getting home. Combine the two most anally retentive […]

Lost and found

Tina 2

The Festival of Tina is not like a typical Australian 18 year old’s gap year, where you leave a trail of destruction across the globe. I’m more mature than that. Instead I’ve left a trail of stuff around the world. In fact I’ve lost so many things I can’t actually […]

Reality sets in


Nothing like a jab in the arm with every vaccination under the sun to make this journey finally seem real. Reality sets in. I am really doing this. Yesterday I got the polio vaccine booster shot. I didn’t know Polio was still a thing. Next week I’m going back for […]

Avoiding Spanners


We have spoken of the Stephen Bradbury moment of falling just before the finish line. There are various other cliches that can assist me at this time of trying to get to the end. Avoiding spanners is right up there. To throw a spanner in the works is to prevent […]

Alpha and Omega

Tina 1

Alpha and Omega – the beginning and end. So much of our lives in the past two years has been controlled by letters of the Greek alphabet. We thought Delta was the worst. Now there is omicron. Is this trip of mine ever going to take off? With 23 days […]

Travel readiness


It has been so long since I’ve gone anywhere that my travel accoutrements are as neglected as my hairstyle. The suitcases are covered in dust and where on earth are those travel plugs? The FOT has been complicated by the hobbies taken up during Covid Lockdown. Over the last two […]

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