Reality sets in


Nothing like a jab in the arm with every vaccination under the sun to make this journey finally seem real. Reality sets in. I am really doing this.

Yesterday I got the polio vaccine booster shot. I didn’t know Polio was still a thing. Next week I’m going back for my Covid booster shot. I woke in a panic worrying about how I would get a Covid test a day before my flight. On Christmas Day. Apparently you can get one at the airport.

[Note that I panicked so much I didn’t finish this post!]

Advice from a wise young man halted the panic – I can get a test on Christmas Day and and the Airport. Of course.

I also realised that this journey is supposed to be exciting and freeing. So I’m going to allow myself to enjoy the anticipation and ease up on the worrying.

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Status anxiety

I remember the days when I travelled regularly and the dream of Gold Airline Status was a real goal. Now the only status anxiety I have is whether I’m positive or negative. And I’m pleased to announce: the result is negative. Christmas morning was spent driving around my local area […]
status anxiety

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