Husband – comma – 6


Last night I met an Existentialist in a bar. Really. What are the chances? Could this be Husband, 6? Spoiler alert – it’s a ‘no’ from me. But I have made a new List. Now I’m just asking for a friend of course. What is an existentialist? Well, duh, it […]

You know it’s a sign


You know it’s a sign when you’re in the airport queue and you see someone you really, really like but haven’t seen for 20 years. Nearly 30 years ago I had the best job ever. I was part of the team that set up Police TV, an internal television network […]

The art of PIE


It’s amazing how close humans are to a riot at all times. It only takes one PIE (Pusher-In-Erer) to cause an orderly group of airport queuers to lose their shit. The hardest part of the whole overseas trip was, you guessed it, getting home. Combine the two most anally retentive […]

Lost and found

Tina 2

The Festival of Tina is not like a typical Australian 18 year old’s gap year, where you leave a trail of destruction across the globe. I’m more mature than that. Instead I’ve left a trail of stuff around the world. In fact I’ve lost so many things I can’t actually […]

Danger of morte and merde

Tina 4

The two main dangers in France are death… and stepping in dog shit. I’ve been living here in Villefranche-sur-Mer for nearly two weeks now and I’m shocked that I am still alive. I’m even more shocked that my shoes are clean. It’s time for a short French lesson. It is […]

Give up on your dreams, Susan

Tina 2

If you know me, you know that I love Melissa McCarthy. She is hilarious. So as I was walking down another charming street in yet another medieval village, feeling inexplicably despondent, I started giggling. “Give up on your dreams, Susan,” I said out loud. It’s a quote from the movie […]

C’est la vie

Tina 2

Just before I left New York, I had a moment of panic. All this time I had been planning and dreaming about this trip to France and it was about to come to fruition. I was suddenly scared. Maybe I should just go home? Luckily changing your ticket is harder […]

I’m in a New York State of Mind


When you get the call up for a night out in NYC from one of your favourite nieces, it seems churlish not to attend. Nieces (and nephew – yes that is you, Miles), I love you all equally, but no one but Eliza developed her own special soccer game that […]

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