Honking horns and the smell of garbage

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New York City truly does make all your senses come alive.

When you first set foot on the pavement, you start dodging the bags of rubbish, or trash as they call it here. Then you breathe in. Oh the smell of New York. Meanwhile, as you stride through the vibrant streets, in constant danger of being run over by bikes, people and cars, you’re deafened by the sound of a thousand honking horns.

Ah New York. There’s nowhere else like it.

Unlike last time, there is no snow. It’s steamy in summer and the people are back in full force. Plenty has changed. This time, I have the family with me and my new friends to catch up with. It’s shame there was no time for karaoke.

Victoria, representing the fun family from the cruise.

Despite the traffic, New York’s bike lanes and Citi Bike system work well. We managed to ride all the way around Central Park and I didn’t fall off or get hit by a car.

There was even time to go the Natural History Museum and have a game of frisbee in the park.

It wouldn’t be a trip to New York without a Broadway Show. Rowan chose Dear Evan Hansen. He forgot to warn me that it’s a tear jerker. Who knew masks could come in so handy as a tear and snot catcher?

The highlight of the trip for me was catching up with my BFR and introducing her to my sons. I have forgotten all the French I learned on that trip, but I will never forget the room mate. We sat in the dark for a while, just to remind ourselves of our French house, La Maison Noire. Yeah OK, maybe we drank another bottle of Cote du Rhone. Don’t judge us.

Before I left town I had to go check the mailbox at my office on the Upper East Side. I’m working, you know. I snuck out alone like a kid running away from home, doing dangerous stuff. Yes I did it. I rode a bike on the road in NYC. And I didn’t get killed (again) on the way there, so I decided to get an e-bike on the way back. They go even faster.

So I rode that bike down the middle of 7th Avenue, through Times Square and I didn’t die. Little Miss Hap survives, despite her best efforts. Danger of mort is averted, once again.

Washington DC here we come.

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  1. Woohoooo – so many things to comment on and just savour (or savor, if it’s in America?): I loved the photos of you and the boys, and the bike-exploits (I recommend stopping at three trips for a clean safety record, but hey, I’m an eldest child). Congratulations on the plane-sleep: astounding! Carry on and keep writing (is that a slogan from a mug at some writers’ conference?) lots of love ❤️

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