Alpha and Omega

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Alpha and Omega – the beginning and end. So much of our lives in the past two years has been controlled by letters of the Greek alphabet. We thought Delta was the worst. Now there is omicron. Is this trip of mine ever going to take off?

With 23 days to go the excitement is yet again being kept at bay by a new variant of the coronavirus. Every day more countries slam their borders shut. Will the USA cut me off?

Remember pivoting? That’s was the Government’s first advice last year when we needed to rethink the way we lived our lives. Gin to hand sanitiser. Clothing to reusable face masks. I feel like I have been pivoting for so long I’m like a drunk ballerina. Stop the ride, I just want to get off.

We variously describe this state as being a donkey on the edge, or that the shit bucket is full. I’m now saying the donkey is plumetting to the bottom of the grand canyon and the septic tank has exploded. I AM DONE.

So how do I save the FOT if I can’t leave the country? I can rule out QLD, WA and NZ as options. They are harder to get into than Fort Knox. That leaves Victoria or somewhere else in NSW. Is there a point to leaving at all then?

We come back to the great advice from a wise woman. Just do nothing.

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