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As you know I like to take a saying and make it my own. I have many of them. One of my favourites has always been: You can choose your own adventure OR have it foisted upon you. Nothing that has happened on my trip so far has made me change my mind.

On Thursday night me and my BFR decided to go to Cannes for the weekend. It’s only an hour away “en train”, has a film festival and five star hotels with spas. What more did we need to know?

As it turned out, nothing. The Universe had it all under control. We enjoyed the expansive views of the Mediterranean Sea, as the train took us through Nice, Antibes and on to Cannes. When we arrived my Google Maps stopped working so we just wandered from the station towards the sea. 

We were struck by how many relaxed, happy people were walking around the cobblestone streets. The pavements were packed with outdoor diners. All prior thoughts of room service for dinner left our heads.

We eventually found our lovely Hotel Cristal and Spa, right in the heart of this beautiful town. The reception staff were extremely apologetic. Would Mesdames be able to have their massages immediately?

We very politely accepted this most difficult situation with grace and proceeded directly to the Spa. After a wonderful massage each, we hit the streets of Cannes for a few drinks and dinner.

Saturday was spent literally wandering around town. Perhaps it was the end of the Covid restrictions but it was so refreshing to see people out and about enjoying life again. 

And the view from our restaurant at lunch was pretty hard to take.

We then worked up a thirst with alot of jewellery shopping so we had to quench it at Bistro Braun. The gentleman at the table next to us was the former head of HR at UNESCO, which made for an absolutely charming hour of conversation. On his recommendation we ate dinner at Le Caveau. It was outstanding.

On Sunday I spent more time at the SPA, to try to deal with all the stress of a hard weekend of shopping.

We still weren’t ready to leave this beautiful place so went looking for a venue for today’s lunch. As it turned out there were even more beautiful places in Cannes to see.

Good to see that Cannes is on board with the Festival

I’m really enjoying this whole choose your own adventure thing. I think I will stick with it.

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  1. Great stories of your adventures: totally enjoying them! They couldn’t be written as well by anyone I could think Of – fab! Thanks: they’re a gift!

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