I’m in a New York State of Mind


When you get the call up for a night out in NYC from one of your favourite nieces, it seems churlish not to attend. Nieces (and nephew – yes that is you, Miles), I love you all equally, but no one but Eliza developed her own special soccer game that […]

The other 220 hours

Tina 1

As discussed, most of the time on a cruise is spent… you guessed it… cruising. We left New York in the middle of a snow storm and had two full days of (cold) cruising before we got off the ship in the Bahamas. The first day for me was all […]

I don’t like reggae… I love it

Tina 2

So I had no clue where we were going on the cruise, therefore I knew less than zero about the places where we docked. The schedule changed so many times that I couldn’t keep track. After about five minutes I had another drink and stopped trying. I had a plan. […]

It seemed like a good idea at the time

Tina 2

I’m in the Atlantic Ocean somewhere and literally have no idea where we are headed. They give us a new note each day with an updated itinerary.  Something about ports and people changing the rules. I figure when the ship docks somewhere, that’s how I will find out for sure. […]

Going south for the winter

Tina 3

Everyone talks about the Hamptons and it always seems to feature in movies. It’s where people go to summer. Yes “to summer” is apparently a verb. “I summer in Southampton.” For various reasons, including my contrary nature and just simple timing, I decided to winter there instead. I will start […]

New York or New Dublin?

Tina 4

At first I thought they were joking when they said you had to be Irish to work in a bar in New York. But it’s true. It’s actually compulsory. Thank God for that. I’d like to tell you I’ve been to museums and art galleries but I haven’t. I haven’t […]

I Give it Five Stars

Tina 2

Travel opens your eyes to the world. I’ve seen incredible places and met so many interesting people on this trip. But by far the highlight has been re-connecting with lifelong friends, made years ago on a different solo trip. It’s hard to define friendships made while travelling. Over the last […]

Run like you on fire

Tina 1

The passengers and crew on Amtrak’s California Zephyr from San Fransisco to Chicago are still talking about the crazy Australian who would get off the train and run up and down. It was a 51 hour trip with constant sitting, eating and drinking. I wondered why I was the only […]

What happens in Vegas…

Tina 3

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and that is true. Mainly because of the free drinks and zero measuring of said drinks. You are wondering why it has been a while. I will tell you what I can remember… The thing you may not know about Las […]

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