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Are we there yet?
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Are we there yet?

Remember those family road trips to the old fibro holiday house or the caravan? Everyone crammed into a medium sized sedan, packed to gills with fishing rods, bait and eskies. And three kids in the back shouting all at once: “Are we there yet?” “Can I have an icecream?” “I need to go to the …

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75 days to go

The countdown is on. With less than three months to go, it is starting to feel real, but still not soon enough. I want to enjoy the build up. But with my birthday next week, I guess it is not really 75 days, but just 7 days until the FOT begins. Bring it on…

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Now that I’ve quit my job and most of Australia is in Covid Lock Down, it’s an ideal time to do what our government suggests. To pivot. It’s a term they came up with last year when all the gin distilleries started manufacturing hand sanitiser. It’s all about changing up the way you live your …