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Now that I’ve quit my job and most of Australia is in Covid Lock Down, it’s an ideal time to do what our government suggests. To pivot. It’s a term they came up with last year when all the gin distilleries started manufacturing hand sanitiser. It’s all about changing up the way you live your …

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Chateaux P*rn

We call it Chateaux P*rn. It’s ideal for passing the time during boring online meetings which are the mainstay of our lives during the Covid pandemic. It’s possible to be visible to your colleagues during tedious and unnecessary hour-long zoom meetings and, at the same time, be browsing through the range of cheap castles on …

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A few years ago when I first started thinking about what to do when I turned 50 and my kids left home, I came up with the FOT – the Festival of Tina. For some reason the local children call me Tina and this name has stuck. The FOT was conceived before Covid came and …