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life hack solo travel

Going south for the winter

Everyone talks about the Hamptons and it always seems to feature in movies. It’s where people go to summer. Yes “to summer” is apparently a verb. “I summer in Southampton.” For various reasons, including my contrary nature and just simple timing, I decided to winter there instead. I will start with the pictures of the …

life hack solo travel

I Give it Five Stars

Travel opens your eyes to the world. I’ve seen incredible places and met so many interesting people on this trip. But by far the highlight has been re-connecting with lifelong friends, made years ago on a different solo trip. It’s hard to define friendships made while travelling. Over the last 30 years I’ve made English …

life hack solo travel

Run like you on fire

The passengers and crew on Amtrak’s California Zephyr from San Fransisco to Chicago are still talking about the crazy Australian who would get off the train and run up and down. It was a 51 hour trip with constant sitting, eating and drinking. I wondered why I was the only one doing it. I boarded …

life hack solo travel


After years of saying “Are we there yet?” the answer is finally yes. But as it turned out departing and even arriving can still be terrifying. Let’s talk first about the boarding process. Note to the people at United, no one understands what “Polaris” means. FYI it is their version of Business Class. Why not …

status anxiety
life hack solo travel

Status anxiety

I remember the days when I travelled regularly and the dream of Gold Airline Status was a real goal. Now the only status anxiety I have is whether I’m positive or negative. And I’m pleased to announce: the result is negative. Christmas morning was spent driving around my local area hunting down a Covid Testing …